Manali Rafting

Packing exciting combinations through gentle passages and over foaming torrents.River Beas offers excellent Grade II and Grade III rapids ensuring a safe and yet thrilling experience.White water rafting  start from  Kullu valley  on Beas river we provides everyone from beginner to advanced an ideal and memorable river rafting experience and thrilled adventure.We offer one of the most exceptional opportunities to ride the river. Our raft guides are always near if you need a hand Reservations recommended.

End of April to June and mid-September to mid-October. Depending on the water situation there may be a break during the monsoon in summer.

Insurance:-Make sure that you are insured. Most organisations decline liability in case of any mishap or accident.

Age Limit:- Over 13 years

What to wear:- Please do not wear sarees. Light weight cotton clothing. Preferably shorts and T shirts. Please also carry an extra set of clothing.