Angling and Fishing

Himachal Pradesh is an excellent destination for fishing and angling. The Pabbar valley region situated upstream of Rohru has many ideal spots for fishing. Other famous sites are Chirgaon, Seema, Mandil, Sandasu, Tikri and Dhamvari. The Beas River and its side streams like the Sarvari, Parbati, Sainj, Hurla and Tirthan are also good for the fishing spot.

An anglers' paradise. Himachal has several spots for both trout and mahaseer - as well as other fish. Acclaimed as the best sport fish in the world, both Brown and Rainbow Trout are  found in Himachal's . Upstream of Rohru in  Pabbar valley, there are several spots ideal for fishing. The trout fishing season is from 31 March to 31 October.

Famous Fishing Places:-

Fishing Place Famous for Distance
Banjar Trout  Fishing  55km. from Kullu 
Larji Trout Fishing 34km. from Kullu
Kasol Trout Fishing  5km. from Manikaran
Katrain Trout Fishing 20km. from Manali
Rohru Trout Fishing 130km. from Shimla
Chirgaon Trout Fishing 143km. from Shimla
Tattapani Trout Fishing 51km. from Shimla
Pong Dam Mahasheer 130km. from Shimla
Barot  Mahasheer 130km. from Shimla