About Jeep Safari

 A jeep Safari is best way to explore the Himalayan Region experience of High Mountain , Buddhist Monasteries , Hindu Temples , Fair & Festival ,Traditional Cuisine,Culture, High Passes, Silk Route.  Himachal’s territory, these hills, valleys and mountains unfold nuance after nuance. Here are thick woods of cedar, pine and oak where the mist gets tangled in the branches, and there are lakes in high recesses surrounded by snow clad mountains. Here are fast flowing streams that rush down from the heights with icy crystal-clear waters. Picture perfect hamlets conjure up images of sheer beauty and a steady pastoral rhythm. If a taste of adventure is an offer, a breath of calm is also available. Himachal is a place where the journey is through magnificent landscapes .Every season, every little village, every turn in the hills reveals something new –something capable of touching both the mind and soul. One glimpse of Himachal is enough to capture yours heart for a lifetime there is no better way by jeep safari. Jeep safari tours will be in Extreme Conditions and thrilling adventure & crossing some of the most spectacular terrain   & experience the Trans Himalayan spectacle in one of the world’s best Jeep Safari’s.

Some of the major Jeep safari routes are:-